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Slot-die head – FOM SD 50 | PEEK Series


Standard viscosity PEEK slot-die head in PEEK with a maximum coating width of 50mm

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State-of-the-art slot-die heads produced from PEEK. The material undergoes meticulously processes to provide stable and ultra-precise accuracy. The surfaces are constructed for an easy clean to prolong the durability and lifetime of the product.

Our slot-die heads can be used for the following applications:
• PEM Fuel cells
• Battery Slurries
• Perovskites
• Transparent Conductive Foils
• Printed Electronics (Lab-on-a-chip)

We offer a unique design providing easy switch of flexible sized shims and meniscus guides with coating width of: 1-50mm. Default coating width: 50mm. Recommended coating width interval: 26-50mm. Compatible with the following FOM Technologies Machines: nanoRC, scalarSC, arcRC, vectorSC, alphaSC, modulo. Shipped in a professional flight case for safe storage and securement of longer life-time. Included: alignment pins, securing bolts, mounting bolt.