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Stand Alone Programmable Syringe Pump (Low Viscosity)


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Aladdin SyringeONE Programmable Syringe Pump.

  • Automatic dispensing of small volumes
  • Very precise, reproducible flow rate control
  • Displays total volume dispensed in mL or µL units
  • Selectable infusion/withdrawal rate units (mL/hr, µL/hr, mL/min, µL/min)
  • Infusion rate can be changed while pumping
  • Program pump via keypad or from a computer
  • Highly controllable
  • Network, control, and monitor up to 100 pumps with one computer
  • Motor stall detection

Technical Specifications
Type: Infusion / Withdrawal
Flow Range: 0.001 µL/hr (0.5 mL syringe) to 3470 mL/hr (140 mL syringe)
Dispensing Accuracy: ±1%
Syringe Sizes Accepted: 0.5 µL to 60 mL or 140 mL partially filled
Linear Force: 35 lb at low speed; 18 lb at maximum speed